BerryBrook Ox Supply

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458 Meaderboro Road Farmington, NH 03835

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A Little Bit About Our Business
        The property, which is now known as BerryBrook Farm, was purchased by Maurice and Geraldine Huppe in 1959.  The ninety-acre farm is one of many on the Meaderboro Road.  Maurice and Gerie kept a small herd of beef cattle, replacement heifers, and teams of working steers and oxen.  A large garden supplied the house with fresh vegetables.  Firewood and saw logs were harvested from the woodlots.  Much of the woods work was done with steers and oxen.
Maurice and Gerie's son Tim had an interest in the farm, forest, and working steers at a young age.  Tim's dad helped him train his first pair of calves at age eight.  In 1972, at age twelve, Tim began showing working steers in the New Hampshire 4-H Working Steer program.  Under the guidance of his father and neighbors, Les Barden and Frank and Art Scruton, Tim trained, worked, and exhibited many teams of cattle.
        Tim married Wendy Hutchins in 1981.  Wendy's family raised steers and oxen on their dairy farm.  During the winter, Wendy's father logged with oxen and horses.  Wendy's family competed in ox and horse pulling competitions at the New England fairs.
Tim and Wendy built their log home at BerryBrook Farm in 1984.  They have four daughters, all who are involved with working steers and oxen.  Daughters Alyson, Katy, Danielle, and Marissa are past members of the N.H. 4-H Working Steer program.  Tim and Wendy were Strafford County 4-H leaders of the Yankee Teamsters for many years.
        Tim began building ox yokes for his children.  As time went by, he had requests for custom built ox yokes.  When a customer ordered a yoke, they would ask if other ox supplies were available.  A portion of one of the BerryBrook barns was used as a store room for yokes, bows, hardware, etc.   BerryBrook Ox Supply opened in May of 2002.
BerryBrook Ox Supply